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I’ve never wanted to tie myself down to any one path or career, and this site showcases the many journeys I’m on. Take the time to explore my writing, visuals, and more. I hope you find it interesting and that it sparks something inside you.

The History of LoSteez

Coming out of a depressive season,  LoSteez was my beacon. After fueling my ambitious spirit during a trip to Fort Lauderdale, I returned to Austin ready to create. Summer of 2016 I began screen printing t-shirts. At that time, chile' you couldn't tell me I wasn't doing anything. Staying up until 4 a.m. every night became my new normal. I was dedicated, and determined, but over time I didn't care for the consistency my business required. What I mean is, since I was printing t-shirts I'd have to print the same design many times. I was so eager to get all of my ideas out, I rushed through five campaigns worth of ideas. Are you understanding me? What could have sustained me for 4 - 6+ years only lasted 2. I didn't really plan, therefore I did not pace myself. 
The following seasons I began customizing clothing and accessories such as jackets and hats. This was doing it for me. I was able to try different styles, and execute multiple ideas at once. It was a booming time for my business. I felt like I was fully in my bag. I was focused - everything was on the up & up. And then it wasn't.
Spiritual warfare became very evident for me from 2017 to 2018. I was constantly exposing myself to so many different energies, but wasn't protecting myself. Little did I know the entire time I was blissfully fulfilling my dreams, some of the most crucial spiritual lessons were awaiting me. So essentially my focus shifted once again. I was stepping into my spiritual "bag". By this time I'd slowed down my creative production and began looking for part-time employment. 
After working at a Downtown boutique for nearly 2 years, the earth stopping pandemic has landed me here today - Writing my blog, creating art, talking to God, all from the comfort of my home.  I am so grateful for what LoSteez has actually done for me. I know most people start a business to be of service to others, but it's not always said just how much more you gain as the owner. Praise be to God. 
So with that said y'all gone get this work.
Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you would like to follow me elsewhere, click the social links at the top or bottom of the page. 
Have a blissed day!